Circular & Linear Dichroism

  • JASCO 1500 CD/LD: Circular dichroism spectrophotometer with a CFC-573 Couette flow cell unit for Linear dichroism measurements.
  • JASCO 715 CD: Older Circular dichroism spectrophotometer
  • Circular Dichroism (CD) is an absorption spectroscopy method, based on the differential absorption of the left and right circularly polarized light by optically active chiral molecules. Is one of the most important technique for the characterization of biomolecules, determination of absolute configuration and for the study of interactions with metals and other molecules.
  • Linear dichroism (LD) is a spectroscopy technique used with systems that are either intrinsically oriented or can be oriented by external forces. Coupled to a Couette flow cell, the generated shear force is capable to distort solution‐phase vesicles from a spherical shape to a more ellipsoid shape. It gives information about membrane insertion, orientation angles and structure of the associated molecules.