Veronika Kudar

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P. Sohár, Csámpai, A., Abran, A., Túrós, G. Y., Vass, E., Kudar, V., Ujszaszy, K., and Fábián, B., Macrocyclic double ferrocenes, their stereostructure, and an IR and NMR spectroscopic, X-ray crystallographic, and conformational and dynamic investigation, EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY, vol. -, pp. 1659–1664, 2005.
G. Keglevich, Szelke, H., Kerényi, A., Kudar, V., Hanusz, M., Simon, K., Imre, T., and Ludányi, K., New chiral P-ligands: P-amino- and P-cycloalkoxy dibenzo[c.e][1,2]oxaphosphorines, TETRAHEDRON-ASYMMETRY, vol. 16, pp. 4015–4021, 2005.
G. Keglevich, Farkas, R., Ludányi, K., Kudar, V., Hanusz, M., and Simon, K., New P-ligands: The aromaticity and reactivity of 2,4,6-trialkylphenylphospholes, HETEROATOM CHEMISTRY, vol. 16, pp. 104–110, 2005.
C. S. Gróf, Hegedűs, G., Riedl, Z. S., Hajós, G. Y., Egyed, O., Csámpai, A., Kudar, V., and Stanovnik, B., Selective synthesis and cycloaddition reactions of new azomethine imines containing a 1,2,4-triazine ring, EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY, vol. -, pp. 3553–3561, 2005.
V. Kudar, Zsoldos-Mády, V., Simon, K., Csámpai, A., and Sohár, P., Synthesis, IR-, NMR- and x-ray investigationof some novel N-hetaryl-dihydro-pyrazolyl ferrocenes. Study on ferrocenes, Part 17., JOURNAL OF ORGANOMETALLIC CHEMISTRY, vol. 690, pp. 4018–4026, 2005.
A. Csámpai, Abran, A., Kudar, V., Túrós, G. Y., Wamhoff, H., and Sohár, P., Synthesis, NMR, IR spectroscopic and X-ray study of novel [pyridazin-3 (2H)-one-6-yl] ferrocenes and related ferrocenophane derivatives. Study on ferrocenes. Part 14, JOURNAL OF ORGANOMETALLIC CHEMISTRY, vol. 690, pp. 802–810, 2005.