Biological Nanochemistry

Entities pertaining to the Research Group of Biological Nanochemistry

PtOx-SnOx-TiO2 catalyst system for methanol photocatalytic reforming: Influence of cocatalysts on the hydrogen production

Vibrational properties and bonding analysis of copper hexacyanoferrate complexes in solid state

Investigating beads from Chalcolithic funerary cremation contexts of Perdigões, Portugal

Structure and vibrational spectroscopic study of phthalimido-functionalized N-heterocyclic palladium complexes. Correlations between structure and catalytic activity

Non-destructive characterisation of all-polypropylene composites using small angle X-ray scattering and polarized Raman spectroscopy

Calibration of the Suanni small-angle neutron scattering instrument at the China Mianyang Research Reactor

Extracellular vesicles oriented by shear force can be studied using polarized light spectroscopy

Preparation and characterization by infrared emission spectroscopy and applications of new mineral-based composite materials of biomedical interest