Biological Nanochemistry

Entities pertaining to the Research Group of Biological Nanochemistry

Lytic and mechanical stability of clots composed of fibrin and blood vessel wall components

Mechanical stability and fibrinolytic resistance of clots containing fibrin, DNA, and histones

Preparation, purification, and characterization of aminopropyl-functionalized silica sol

Estimating the rotation rate in the vacuolar proton-ATPase in native yeast vacuolar membranes

Structural characterization of the poly (ethylene glycol) layer of sterically stabilized liposomes by means of FTIR spectroscopy

Effects of contaminants on biological model membranes: The advantage of the ASAXS method for the study of the location of copper ions and dihalogenated phenol molecules

Temperature dependence of the lipid packing in thylakoid membranes studied by time- and spectrally resolved fluorescence of Merocyanine 540