PhD position in the field of membrane active biomolecules

Job title: 
PhD position in the field of membrane active biomolecules
Contract type: 
Upon successful application, enrollment is provided to a full-time PhD programme for up to 4 years according regulations detailed in the call.
Institute of Materials and Environmental Chemistry, Research Centre For Natural Sciences, H-1117 Magyar tudósok körútja 2., Budapest, Hungary
Position starts: 

September 1., 2018

Due to the Momentum program the position offers a competitive salary.

The Biomolecular self-assembly research group is looking for a PhD student to conduct primarily experimental work addressing the structural and biophysical interactions of natural membrane active peptides. The aim of the research project is to gain further insight into the governing rules and lipid associated conformational changes and self- or co-assembly upon membrane insertion. The successful candidate will address these biomolecule-lipid interactions using complex, multicomponent model membranes, as well as natural extracellular vesicles.

Scientific background: 

RCNS is a new, yet highly competitive research center aiming to be one of the leading institutes in natural sciences. The Centre provides a stimulating environment due to a wide range of researches with a significant number of them conducting BSc, MSc, PhD or Post-Doc programs. The Biological Soft Matter Platform is located at the Institute of Materials Chemistry, where the applicant will have access to a state of the art infrastructure including ATR-IR, UV spectroscopy, polarized light spectrometers, ITC calorimeter, custom made small- and wide angle X-ray (SAXS and WAXS) scattering, AFM, DSC, DLS, and transmission electron microscopy combined with a freeze-fracture device (FF-TEM). The group is closely collaborating with experts of the field from the Institute of Enzymology, and Semmelweis University where access to a wide range of further techniques is granted. The Biological Soft Matter Platform coordinates several major Academy-Industry programs focusing on EVs, exosomes and membrane active biomolecules, where the successful candidate will have the possibility to spend secondments and gain experience in the private sector as well.For further information, please visit or .

Expected experience and skills: 
  • MSc in chemistry, physics, biology or in biomedical sciences
  • Have good communication skills, both oral and written in english
Desired experience and skills: 
  • Experience in structural chemistry and biology, focusing on peptide-lipid, protein-lipid interactions,
  • Ability to work in a group, as well as independently


Send application and informal inquiries to: 
The application must contain: 
  • detailed scientific curriculum vitae
  • motivation letter
  • two letters of recommendation, one from the MSc supervisor
  • contact data (phone, e-mail)
Application deadline: 
Monday, 18 December, 2017
Decision and notification of the applicants: 

Continuous processing, latest January 9., 2018